Forage and pet foods testing is important because of their nutritional value. Forage and feed with good nutritional value can increase milk or meat production.

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Pet food producers are progressively concentrated on the quality of pet feeds, in particular those for dogs and cats, to meet the changing demands of pet holders.


FSA lab equipped to analyze the wide range of manufactured pet foods.Our services include animal feed analysis, quality, nutritional value, formulation, contamination analysis and more.


Our set of test offerings include the analyses required to meet AAFCO standards for dog and cat food labeling, as well as complex chemistries and microbiology safety indicators.

Pet food tests include:

  • Ash

  • Carbohydrates

  • Chemical

  • Fat

  • Fiber

  • Heavy metals

  • Microbial

  • Minerals

  • Moisture

  • Net energy level

  • Nutritional

  • Pathogen

  • Pesticide

  • Protein

  • Total Digestible Nutrients