Microbiological analysis services

Microbiological analysis is routinely performed on food products, before and after processing. It is important to ensure the quality and safety of the food, water & processing environment.

 microbiological analysis services

 We employ highly sensitive and rapid methods for our testing which provide accurate results. Our TPC (Total Plate Count) rapid method takes 4 to 6 hours versus the conventional 48 hours. This is a great advantage, especially for perishable foods, since the product could be in the market at least 40 hours earlier.

Here are some of the tests we provide:

  •  Aerobic and Anaerobic Plate Counts (APC, TPC, SPC, etc.)

  •  Bacillus Cereus

  •  E. Coli Counts

  •  Campylobacter

  •  Coliform Counts

  •  TPC, APC, SPC (Petrifilm)

  •  Yeast and Mold Counts

  •  Enterobacteriaceae

  •  Lactic Acid Bacteria Count

  • Microscopic Evaluation

  • Mold Identification (species)

  • Propionic Bacteria

  • Pseudomonas Count

  • Plating by Membrane Filtration

  • Process Validation

  • Thermophillic count

  • Identification to Species

  • Flat-Sour and Sulfide Spoilage